November 2014 - Thoughts / by Peter Holz

- Arranging the mixer as if you were looking at  spectral display of the mix, bass on left treble on right etc.


- Reverb as another instrument, not using it to provide depth or to be heard as reverb.


- Is the drum groove in YMCA just a little bit off? Early or something?

Same with the chorus vocals in James Blunt's You're Beautiful. They sound early but it works. 

ill start making everything early now.  


- Old TDM systems vs Laptop. Working so much faster with HD11 on a laptop compared to a HD3 Mac Pro system now!


- Sessions:

Jezzabel Doran / Slumberjack - Upcoming collaboration

New Black Shades - Festival and Summer Days mix

Natalie Bassingthwaighte - This Woman's Work vocal record

Marlisa Ann - This Woman's Work vocal record

Wolftide - Album mixing (assist)

Jason Crossley - 2 songs record and mix 

Kyle Bielfield and John Foreman - Album demos engineering and mixing

Native Tongue writing camp w/Andy Mak

Julian Frederick - Single mixing @ Linear Recording

Sebastian Izambard + Alberto Quintero - This Woman's Work (mix assist)


Songs in my head:

Calvin Harris - Blame
Something from a Disney cartoon that I can't put my finger on yet
Many others....