December 2014 - Thoughts / by Peter Holz

Smaller drum room - room mics:

Sometimes you get an audible echo of the transient that I find unpleasant. This is sometimes caused by obviously the distance of the room mics and / or the positioning of the kit and mics in the room.  

Solution 1: move the mics closer so you have a shorter delay time. Point the mics away from the kit if you want more room (often use SM7's in ORTF for this) 

Solution 2: Compress with a fast attack to remove the transient. Then all you are left with is nice ambience. SSL channel comp fast attack is perfect for this! 

Simple but true. Keep the room mics symmetrical so the kick and snare are dead in the middle. Blumlein (as always) is best.  



Delta Goodrem / Stu Crichton

MAGIC! - Drums for album 2

Phill Orr - Album tracking. 

Jessica Mauboy / MAGIC! 

Stan Walker - Horn and strings overdubs

Gang Of Youths - Album Tracking