Based on techniques learnt from mixing legend Michael Brauer, Peter has an extensively developed mixing approach and mindset which is musical, dynamic and adaptive to any style or genre.

Having worked on a wide variety of music, Peter understands the need to have creative and expressive freedom in the mixing stage. This allows the artist to hear their music the way they hear it in their head.

As each mix is unique and there are many options to choose from, please contact Peter for a quote.

Peter will happily mix a song or section of a song on spec in order for you to hear how well your music can be presented from the hands of a experienced and professional mix engineer.


As an experienced mastering engineer, Peter often completes both the mixing and mastering stages of projects.

Combining your mixing and mastering projects with Peter can help save on the overall project budget, whilst still providing a professional end product which is ready for release across many mediums (iTunes, CD, Spotify, Vinyl etc.)

A standalone mastering service is also offered. In order to determine costs and requirements please contact Peter for more information. An on spec test master can also be provided.